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Plastic Welding Geogrid

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Plastic Welding Geogrid

Plastic Geogrid

The plastic geogrid is made of high-density polyethylene. The plastic geogrid is characterized by good corrosion resistance and high knot efficiency. According to the shape of this product, there are three main types: double-axis plastic geogrid, single-axis plastic geogrid and three-axis plastic geogrid. Plastic geogrid can effectively prevent soil erosion, ground subsidence and water pollution. The plastic geogrid is mainly made of polypropylene or high-density polyethylene, both of which have UV, chemical and biological resistance. Therefore, it is widely used to reinforce the soil structure and prevent the ground from cracking. The performance of the plastic geogrid is stable and reliable.

Plastic Geogrid application

Plastic geogrids can be used in many places, such as stadiums, parking lots, airports, railways, highways and docks. Compared with traditional materials, plastic geogrids are more durable. Suitable for municipal engineering and geotechnical engineering. Its chain structure allows the force to be evenly transmitted to the ground. For this reason, the plastic geogrid can greatly increase the bearing capacity of the ground and greatly extend the service life of the road. Plastic geogrids are widely used for roadbed and road reinforcement.

It is widely used in railway and highway construction.

It is widely used in the reinforcement of retaining walls, embankments, roadbeds, dams, etc.

It is widely used to prevent soil erosion, ground subsidence and water pollution.

Plastic Geogrid feature:

high strength.


Erosion control.

Aperture stability is good.

Good carrying capacity.

High knot efficiency.

Durable; long service life.

Plastic Geogrid classification

Single-axis plastic geogrid

The uniaxial plastic geogrid is made of high molecular polymer, which is extruded into a sheet, then punched into a regular mesh pattern, and finally stretched horizontally. This production can ensure the structural integrity of the geogrid. The main materials of uniaxial plastic geogrids are high-density polyethylene and polypropylene, which have a high degree of orientation and resist elongation when subjected to heavy loads for a long time.

Biaxial plastic geogrid

Similar to the uniaxial geogrid, the biaxial plastic geogrid is extruded into a sheet and then punched into a regular grid pattern. But unlike stretching, the biaxial plastic geogrid is stretched longitudinally and transversely. The material of the biaxial plastic geogrid is polypropylene, which is UV stable and chemically resistant. The dual-axis plastic geogrid is mainly used for soil reinforcement and roadbed stabilization in road construction, and can also be used as a ceiling net in the mining industry.

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