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Drainage Cell

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Drainage Cell

Drainage cell

Drainage cell is the lightweight three dimensional geocomposite with flat back which is pressed against an underground structure used for subsurface water management method.

Drainage cell

What are drainage cells used for?

The drainage cell is a lightweight but very strong drainage board that can be covered with geotextile at any time for vertical and horizontal drainage applications, including:

Roof terraces, flower pots, terrace gardens

Landfill drainage system (gas and leachate collection)

Sports ground drainage

Foundation retaining wall


Tunnel drainage

Roads and highway gutters

Landscape French drainage ditch

Biological filter and gas dispersion system

Used for culvert systems with high groundwater levels.

How does a drain cell work?

When installed vertically and wrapped in a geomembrane, they form highly efficient finned drainage pipes, which are very thin and inconspicuous, with huge water flow capacity.

Lay them flat to form an effective horizontal drainage gap, making them ideal drains for platforms, flower pots and roof gardens

Benefits of drainage cell

Fast drainage

Efficiently drain excess water while maintaining optimal moisture content-ideal for promoting plant growth in flower pots and roof garden applications

Lightweight without crane or lifting equipment

Powerful structure design

The structure is designed for drainage critical applications such as flower pots and roof gardens.

Multifunctional design

It can be installed horizontally or vertically, and can be easily configured to meet project specifications.

Quick install

Installation speed is faster than traditional aggregate drainage system.

High permeability

90% porosity.

Biological resistance

The product resists biological contaminants indefinitely.

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