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HDPE Geocell

Hdpe Geocell is honeycomb shaped structures, in material of HDPE, welded by High frequency ultrasonic. Being flexible,hdpe geocell can be folded in transit and 
outspreaded filling with sand, stone or concrete in roadbed construction.
Product Description

HDPE geocell Description

HDPE geocell

Hdpe Geocell is honeycomb shaped structures, in material of HDPE, welded by High frequency ultrasonic. Being flexible,hdpe geocell can be folded in transit and 

outspreaded filling with sand, stone or concrete in roadbed construction.

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What is HDPE geocell?

HPDE Geocell is a three-dimensional honeycomb closed product with the characteristics of low cost, easy deployment, high strength, and high permeability. BPM high-quality HDPE geocells are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and are joint welded by ultrasonic technology to ensure consistency and resistance to erosion. BPM geocells are widely used in building erosion control, flat ground, coastline, steep slopes, multi-layer retaining walls, channel protection and structural reinforcement, and are used for heavy-duty support roads and soil conservation.

What is the geocell made of?

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) and manufacturing. HDPE has been used in the most demanding industrial products. The three-dimensional unit prevents the lateral movement of the filling material, increases the structural strength and locks the material to prevent erosion. The cell walls are perforated to allow water flow through the system, thereby creating a better root zone between cells for plant applications. On GeoCell filled with concrete, the HDPE matrix becomes the form of concrete. No wooden formwork or steel reinforcement is required. The panel is unfolded and the concrete is poured directly into the GeoCell.

What is geocell reinforcement?

When the compacted soil is filled, the cellular restraint system (CCS) will create a new material with enhanced mechanical and geotechnical properties. . High strength and resistance applied to the lateral surface between the vertical ascending unit of the sealing filler and the soil.

Through a mobile cellular network, 3D geocells can be restricted and stabilized, and these geocells can be stably maintained under adsorption. Unpaved masonry roads and retaining walls of geocells, construction-like investment controls and roads. The rainwater control in the system is efficient and economical.

The constrained peripheral ring provides additional resistance, weighed and inflated by stimulus, and at the same time inflated through a high-intensity-limited horizontal expansion. Maintain compaction to achieve continuous expansion.



Multiple uses-including foundation stabilization, slope topography, road protection and retaining walls


Significantly reduce costs by using on-site, reducing structural layers, and using the industry's largest small-size panels to quickly install

Environmental protection

By reducing the demand for non-renewable resources and creating a land where green infrastructure can be built

Efficient attack

Mimicking with other geotechnical products, the installation speed is fast, our geocell experts provide customized manufacturing and on-site assistance

Cellular restraint system

It is a smart and flexible three-dimensional expandable panel made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). These extremely strong structures can be formed by straps.

On the construction site, all parts of the geogrid are fixed on the ground, directly installed on the surface of the subsoil or placed on the geotextile covering the surface of the roadbed. The ground is extended and unfolded with a stretcher. A cell that extends to several tens of meters may be composed of hundreds of individual batteries, and then specific individuals are recovered, and then a collective bone and the size of the entire area are formed. It is filled with various forms of pressure, soil and soil are compacted, and vibration compaction is used for compaction.

The overall CCS can create a hard pad, distribute the load in a wider area, reduce the soft soil, improve the shear resistance and end ability and reduce deformation.

Specification of our HDPE geocell

Specification of our HDPE geocell


 2.Welding distance:330mm-1000mm

 3.Thickness of sheet: 1.0mm-1.5mm

4.textured surface and perforated

Specification of our HDPE geocell

HDPE geocell Technical Parameter 

HDPE geocell Technical Parameter 



Geocell sheet thickness







1.65with texture holes

1.00-1.25with ellipse holes





Welding distance




Sheet strength







Opening rate min60%

Seam peel strength








Expanded dimension

4.5m width x6m length/pc

Material (HDPE)density shall be 0.940g/m3,inaccordance with ASTM 1505

Carbon Black content shall be 2% minimum in accordance with ASTM 1603

ESCR(Environment Stress Crack Resistance )shall be 4.500hour minimum in accordance with ASTM D 1693


HDPE geocell Benefits

HDPE geocell Benefits

· Produces a stiff base with high flexural strength; acts like a semi rigid slab by  distributing loads laterally.

· Minimizes impact of differential and overall settlement even on low-strength subgrades.

· Increases effective structural number, reducing fill depth requirement by 50%.

· May allow use of poor-quality granular fills in place of more costly imported materials.

With permeable infill, reduces storm water runoff and effectively performs as an on-site storm water 

retention/detention “basin” storage, reducing need and costs for storm water ponds.

HDPE geocell Applications

HDPE geocell Applications

1.  Pavement subgrade stabilization 

2. Area /Ground stabilization: Create a stable environment for the long-term sustainability of embankment materials.

3. Pavement base reinforcement

4. Working & load transfer platforms:Addresses unacceptable road, parking lot and yard surfaces.

5. Rail Track-bed stabilization:Ensures stability and protection of access roads exposed to a variety of erosive conditions.

6. Reinforced granular foundation beds

7.Grass Retaining Walls: We ncluding steep slopes, retaining walls, gravity walls, etc.

8.Shoreline: Provide unique solutions to prevent erosion problems caused by water contact, surface flow and wave action.

HDPE geocell Applications