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  • Geocell for Load Support

Geocell for Load Support

Geocell was made of HDPE or Polymeric Nano-Composite Alloy(PCA),it is a new type of high-strength geosynthetics
Product Description


Welcome to Luyuan - the leading Geocell Supplier.

In the commercial market, Geocell Supplier solves many site problems - from steep slopes to shorelines and channels, to multi-layer vegetated retaining walls, mining, oil and gas and wind channels, railways, ports, dams and landfills field. Geocell is a cost-effective solution with multiple applications, reducing project costs and reducing environmental impact.


Product Description

Geocell for Load Support

Product Name HDPE Geocell &PCA geocell
Cell Depth 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 200, 250, 300mm
Weld Spacing 260, 330, 356, 400, 445, 660, 712mm
Thickness(Texturing) 1.50, 1.52, 1.60mm
Thickness:(Smooth) 1.10, 1.20mm
Colour Black, Sand, Yellow
Standard ASTM, ISO


Product Instruction

Geocell was made of HDPE or Polymeric Nano-Composite Alloy(PCA), it is a new type of high-strength geosynthetics, which is popular in domestic and abroad. It is a kind of three-dimensional network structure shaped by high-strength HDPE sheets and Polymeric Nano-Composite Alloy(PCA) she through ultrasonic welding of high strength. To solve the problem of load distribution,foundation stability and surface stability of weak foundation!


Geocell for Load Support


1. Light weight, wear-resistant, chemical stability, light oxidation aging, anti-acid/alkali corrosion, applied to different geological conditions, such as saline soil, desert, etc.

2. Wide temperature range, high tensile strength, good rigidity and toughness, good load capacity and anti-erosion ability.

3. Size is relatively stable, change the height and welding distance can meet the needs of different projects.

4. Retractile, easy to transport.

5. Easy to use, can use the local materials and achieve rapid construction, reduce construction costs.

6. Can be used repeatedly.



1. Access transportation yard/storage yard

2. Base stability of asphalt or modular pavement

3. Support/load permeable surface

4. Drainage layer requiring stability

5. The abutment governance

6. Road shoulder

7. Footpaths and sidewalks

8. Ramps and shallow water access

9. Combined transport facilities/port facilities

10. Track ballast/bottom ballast structure

11. Extended base and pipeline protection


Geocell for Load Support