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Dimple Drainage Board’s Application in Roof Greening

Apr. 25, 2021

First of all, the dimple drainage board is widely used in roof planting and greening. Because of the difference in rainfall and planting soil, the specific design and structure are changeable. Areas with less rain focus on water storage, and areas with more rain focus on drainage. A good drainage system plays an important role in the construction period of civil works and the normal use and life of structures. The dimple drainage plate and the porous pipe form an effective drainage system. The cylindrical hollow drainage plate and geotextile also form a drainage system, thus forming a miniature natural landscape with the functions of water seepage, water storage and drainage, and grow green Plants can also purify the air and protect the environment.

Dimple Drainage Board’s Application in Roof Greening

Therefore, many roof design companies express their design concepts and provide design drawings. We recommend the model to be used. The height of the dimple ranges from 8mm to 25mm, the width is 2-3m, and the side is 10cm. The color is black, green, white, etc. Raw materials can be customized.

Customization is required, with recycled materials as well as brand-new materials. Simple construction and fast delivery.

Dimple Drainage Board’s Application in Roof Greening

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