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Application of Geomembrane in Playground

Apr. 25, 2021

A Peruvian customer contacted us and told us that he wanted to build a playground pool and needed us to recommend a suitable type of geomembrane. As this client request long lifespan and beautiful appearance, we recommend 2mm thickness blue color geomembrane. The clients asked us to send a sample to him for test. After tested the quality and saw the appearance,The client is very happy. Moreover, the client wants to install the geomembrane by himself, we recommend geomembrane welding machine YX-900, the hot-air welding machine YX-1600s and 4mm diameter welding raod,which can weld the sides and corners. The customer are very satisfied with the effect after the construction, the following is the construction photo from the him:

Application of Geomembrane in Playground

Application of Geomembrane in Playground

Application of Geomembrane in Playground

The customer ordered again this year.


Geomembrane is also called anti-seepage membrane, which is mainly used for anti-seepage, anti-leakage, anti-seepage membrane for fish ponds, breeding anti-seepage membrane, pond anti-seepage membrane, oxidation pond geomembrane, pig farm anti-seepage membrane, septic tank anti-seepage membrane , Landfill geomembrane, shrimp pond anti-seepage membrane, septic tank geomembrane, biogas tank geomembrane, tunnel waterproofing board and so on.

1. Full width and thickness specifications.

2. It has excellent environmental stress cracking resistance and excellent chemical corrosion resistance.

3. Excellent chemical resistance.

4. It has a larger operating temperature range and a longer service life.

5. Used in landfills, tailings storage yards, channel seepage prevention, dam seepage prevention and subway engineering, etc.


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