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Application of Geocell in Racecourse

Apr. 25, 2021

Last year, a very professional horse farm construction company in the United States contacted us and was very interested in our geocell cellular confinement system. He wanted to improve the muddy condition of the racecourse and increase the stability of the road. At the beginning, we recommended geocell with a height of 75mm and a welding distance of 300mm. The expanded cell size is 22.2*18.6cm. The client said that the size of the cell is large for him, and wants to be smaller. We recommend 260mm welding distance, and the expanded cell size is 18.29*15.24cm. The customer agreed placed a trial order,.After installed,he was very satisfied with the quality. Later, the order was returned many times every year.

Application of Geocell in Racecourse

Geocells have a wide range of uses, and have obvious effects in improving the flatness and stability of the racecourse. More and more customers choose to purchase geocells. The construction of the geocell is simple, the cost is low, and it is becoming more and more popular!

When choosing a cell, please look for LUYUAN brand. Shandong Luyuan Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. started in 2004, specializing in the development and production of geogrid, welded grid (PP, pet, steel plastic geogrid), geomembrane, geotextile, drainage board, and geotextile bag. Products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions in the world! We will repay new and old customers with quality products, best service and price. Look forward to cooperating with you!


Application of Geocell in Racecourse